At Organic-Mechanics, I get your pain. I believe the most common reason is the result of improper movement and poor biomechanics.
The three main goals of functional rehabilitation are;
improved stability,
better mobility
enhanced motor control (coordination).
These concepts can be applied across the entire human body from the head and neck down to the feet and toes.  Better mobility, stability and motor control with the brain, muscle and joints will decrease injuries and improve performance.

- Headaches/Migraines

- Plantar Fasciitis

- Turf Foot / Heal Spurs

- Vertigo / Tinnitus

- All Body Pain

- Scar tissue

- Sciatic Nerve pain

- Range of Motion

- Allergies / Asthma

- Whiplash

- High Blood pressure

- TMJ (Jaw pain)

- Carpal Tunnel

- Bursitis
- Fibromyalgia

- Any Injuries

- Tennis Elbow / Golfer Elbow
- Rotator Cuff
- Stress / Depression / Anxiety

- Insomnia
- Arthritis


Official Neuromuscular Therapist to the
Greenville Swamp Rabbits Hockey

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